Looking to moving to USA permanently?

LD Capital Bridge to USAWe help you navigate the complex process of obtaining EB-5 Immigrant Investor Green Cards.

LD Capital Bridge to USA is a subsidiary of LD Capital, LLC a U.S. based commercial lending company. We provide immigration consulting and services to people who want to get a U.S. Green Card for themselves and their dependent family members through a program called EB-5 (Employment based fifth category program). EB-5 is the fastest way to get your dream green card, which is your first step to the U.S. citizenship. We have our own Regional Centers approved by USCIS and we guide you through the entire immigration process from start to finish.

  • Receive professional guidance from qualified personnel.
  • We ensure your applications are submitted correctly and on time.
  • Your application is properly optimized to ensure the greatest success.
  • Save money and time with 24×7 online support.

What makes us different?

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals that carry out due diligence of each investment proposal.

The funded projects are closely monitored through quarterly reporting to ensure that the assumptions made at the time of selection are on track.

The investments are nurtured until a period of stable cash flow & once matured, the appropriate avenue of exit is decided on a case-to-case method.

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