LD Capital Bridge to USA is a marketing company based in the United States committed to helping investors that are looking to get their green cards become more knowledgeable about the EB-5 industry. We pride ourselves in putting the investor first and guiding them every step of the way on their path to a better future!

LD Capital Bridge to USA is a subsidiary of LD Capital. LD Capital is a direct lending company based in Dunwoody [Atlanta], Georgia that has been operating successfully for over 23 years. Through its various lending platforms, LD Capital has originated, closed and serviced over

Over $4.4 Billion in loans while surviving three recessions.

LD Capital is a team of bankers. Just between our Chairman and Vice Chairman, they have over 60 years of combined banking knowledge and experience. Their knowledge and the expertise of LD Capital’s network of professionals is now being used to the immense benefit of the EB-5 industry. LD Capital doesn’t believe in valuing quantity over quality, we believe that offering a fair business model with safety in mind is the best policy.

LD Capital has the experience of originating, underwriting, closing, and servicing loans. We understand the entire lending process from beginning to end. Instead of viewing the investment from the perspective of a developer, LD Capital views EB-5 investments from

a financial standpoint. We put every EB-5 project through Wall Street rating agency stress tests before approving the projects to find how they will fare in different economic scenarios.

Not every project is able to pass the stress tests and LD Capital will not approve them if they cannot. Our selection process is so strict that for every 1 project we approve for EB-5 we deny 30 projects. By doing this we make certain that only the lowest risk and safest projects

are marketed to EB-5 Investors. These tests and approval processes are what our successful history is based on. With zero loan losses ever, we are carrying this success over into an EB-5 industry that desperately needs a safer investment model.

This is where LD Capital is really changing the landscape. From meetings around the world and speaking to investors and agents, we have found that Investors have been told for years that a bank loan in front of the EB-5 investments in the capital stack is the safest model for investors. This is not true, what happens if the economy is down? Or there is a recession? Or the project defaults? The answer is the investor is at the mercy of the bank who holds the senior lien. Since the bank is in the first position (or first line) the bank controls the asset. This can be bad news for investors, because the bank could wipe them out and all the investors lose their money and the opportunity for their green cards. It is sad, but this is how bankruptcy law works in the United States. Whoever holds the title in the senior lien controls what happens to the asset. This is why we partner up with our investors on every one of our projects, so as a team we control the asset as a team!

LD Capital Bridge to USA will go above and beyond for each of our investors as we are determined to be the Bridge to Your Future!

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EB-5 gives investors an opportunity to rapidly obtain a green card in exchange for making qualifying, job-creating investments in the United States.

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